Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fourteen years of sketchbooks.

Starting with the spiral bound Mead sketchbooks in 6th grade and going through phases of kraft paper, antique, and handmade books. I've recently settled on Moleskines but am looking for something new. If there ever was a fire in my home I'd want to be sure to get these out. For me, they capture and evoke more memories than my journal and most photos. There is a time and place, weather, sound and emotion attached to nearly every page of them. They are my life.


  1. that's amazing.
    i wish i would have kept all my old books.


  2. I would love to look through your sketchbooks. So much. (Also, I love that you said "if there was a fire in my home," because I often think of stuff like that.) :)

  3. once you get into your new home... which by the way i want an update on!, you should get a firesafe that's big enough to fit them! :-)

  4. This is Thomas... I think I remember the photo that the last sketch was from... What fond memories those are!