Friday, December 5, 2008

The weekend, already?

Missing out on Monday and Tuesday of my work week really made the weekend come much faster. I'm extremely thankful for that because these past 3 days have been tough. It's always hard to come home from a number of lovely days in Florida with Andrew and have to immediately jump back into work at greeting card land. It leaves me with little time to re-adjust to the cold and remember that my favorite person to hang out with is once again 1,208.2 miles away from me. (Thank you Google maps.)

I was supposed to pick up my kitten, Egon, from the shelter on Wednesday...which got pushed back to today...which got pushed back to NEXT Friday. The little guy has a cold so they don't want to send him off to be neutered until he's completely healthy. I was definitely looking forward to a purring ball of fuzz this weekend but I guess I can wait a little longer.

To satisfy my intense need to create I've made a list of several possible activities for the weekend:
- make Christmas ornaments to send to far away friends and family
- work on Christmas cards (too soon?)
- pull out the box of Christmas stuff and decorate my aluminum tree
- start on the Harley Poe/Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band holiday show poster
- work on scarves or drawings for my Etsy shop

...we'll see what actually gets finished.

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  1. You can come hang out with my bundles of purring and or snorting fuzz any time!

    Password = smerver!